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Casas Particulares

  • ¡Welcome to TAXI CUBA!

    TAXI CUBA, is an association of independent private taxi drivers, which offers transportation and pick-up services to any area of Cuba. We are characterized by the high quality of services, seriousness and competitive prices.
    The taxi is one of the most comfortable and safe means to travel the country. There are different taxi services, local, intercity and interprovincial, belonging to this association.
    The cost of a taxi is varied, and depends on the city where the applicant is and where he wants to go. We have vehicles of different models and brands, which we make available to our customers according to the capacity of occupants and route to be made.

    You can consult the routes and prices or contact us directly to resolve any doubts. We are at your disposal.

    Type of Vehicles

    We coordinate the vehicles according to the number of people. We have:

    - Vintage Cars (Lada, Moskovich)
    - American Classic Cars (Chevrolet, Mercedes, Pontiac, Dodge, Plymouth)
    - Jeeps 4x4
    - Modern Cars(Hundai, Kia, Peugeot, Wolkswagen)
    - Vans from 5 to 9 people.

    Tours and Excursions - Find Out!

    Tour 1 Day - Viñales  Enjoy a full day of incredible nature.
    Tour 2 Days - Viñales  Nature and Beach with accommodation included.
    Tour 3 Days - Viñales  Nature, Beach and Natural Caves, with accommodation included.
    Excursions Trinidad  Know the surroundings of Trinidad like no one else. Do not miss it!
    Tour La Habana   Tours around the main points of the city.

    Further excursions and activities are offered on the following website. Do not settle for less: Excursions Viñales - Enjoy all that Viñales has to offer you!

    Airport Pickups

    We collect at all airports in Cuba.
    Hire the pick up with us and you will save money. We charge per way, not by number of customers.

    Common Routes

    . Habana - Viñales. Travel comfortably without schedules and without waiting. We made the fast routes, without inncessary stops. Your time is precious to us.

    . Habana - Varadero. For short trips do not make more hours than necessary. Speed and good service.

    . Habana - To all the Cayos of Cuba. For long trips we have very comfortable cars with air conditioning to relax and unwind.

    . Other routes and services. If the route you want to hire is not listed, please contact us and let us know what you want to do.